I would like to learn to create a Linux package from source. I would like to create package for CentOS, but maybe I could ask a more generic question.

Where is the right place to ask this?

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    It's really easy to end up asking a question that is too broad. I can't talk about CentOS but Debian has extensive documentation about how to create packages. My advice here is the usual one: read the doc, try something and when it fails and you can't find a solution, ask about this problem. And focusing on a specific problem might suggest one site over another. – Louis Apr 9 '14 at 11:50

The Unix & Linux Stack Exchange site is probably the best place for specific questions about Linux packaging.

(Of course, if the question is mostly code-related, it probably belongs on Stack Overflow instead. And be sure to formulate a specific question about a problem you're having, rather than asking a vague "How do I package things for Linux?" type question...)

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