On RPG.SE, we're engaging in some comment cleanup practices on our meta. For this purpose, one of the moderators put together a data explorer query to dig up comments that might need cleanup:


I'd like to run this for myself, but the captcha isn't showing up so I can't prove I'm human!

"Maybe I just have to click the button?" I wondered to myself, but when I try it I get this:

I'm running Firefox Aurora 30.0a2. My addons are Adblock Plus, Grease Monkey with the Stack Overflow Unofficial Patch, and Ghosterly. However: this is the same with ABP and SOUP disabled, and the data explorer added to Ghosterly's whitelist.

  • @michaelb958 Argh! Thanks for pointing that out. Removing the solitary S works. – doppelgreener Apr 12 '14 at 5:57

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