So there's a question in the close review queue. Its 0 score and looks to be ok at the top, but its long and I'm scrolling down to see if there's a multi-part question or something else that is too broad being asked as I get to the bottom.

And then BLAM in big red text, it is obvious this is an audit. There's a bounty on the question.

Bountied audit review

Yes, this is a screen shot after the review, but it was there in the audit too.

You can't place a close vote on a bountied question and so there's no way for this to be in the queue any other way than an audit. Looks good without actually reading the actual text of the question and I pass the audit.

The feature request: Don't show bounties on known good questions when using them as audits.

Yes, I believe a good audit system requires you to read the text rather than going off of other hints about the question.