While glancing at the revision history of Would a SO variant for graphic designers go down well?, I noticed that both of the tag edits (revisions 3 and 6) contain mysterious empty tags:

6: -[stackoverflow-expansion] [] [discussion] +[site-proposal]
3: [stackoverflow-expansion] [] +[discussion]

What are these mysterious empty tags (linking to /questions/tagged/)? Why are they there?


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They are legacies of a long history of how we store tag data. Yesterday I completed our migration, but the migrate script did not quite allow for some broken-but-just-about-working data. In this case (you'll need to read the blog for this to make sense) the old data was:

éfooà  ébarà

Note the two spaces. Unfortunately, this got migrated to

|foo| |bar|

which is clearly wrong. Fixes en-route. Thanks for noticing my failure :(

Edit; looks fine to me... you were clearly hallucinating:

enter image description here

Depending on what that tablet is, either take less of them or take more of them.

(Stack Exchange does not offer medical or psychological advice; please consult a relevant professional before adjusting your medication)

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