If you go to the network newsletters page, the new Meta is there:

Meta site newsletter subscribe button

but the button doesn't work. Which is two bugs really:

  1. the subscription doesn't work: the AJAX call is returning the Oops! page
  2. the page itself doesn't report the error.

Thanks. Latest Chrome and IE. Glad to see the 'Oops!' page is still the panda!

This might now be fixed: the button has gone, and I'm now subscribed to Meta.SE instead of Meta.SO.

Are we losing the Meta.SO newsletter? I can't find it to subscribe back to :-( Or will we get Meta.SO included on the regular SO newsletter?

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Meta Stack Overflow will no longer have a newsletter because it now behaves just as any other child meta site. We don't do newsletters for child metas.

Meta Stack Exchange has its own newsletter because it's treated as a "main" site in our code; and it makes more sense that people might want weekly digests from this site, since it isn't directly tied to another community. You may not be interested enough to check everything happening here, but might like to see the highlights.

If you still want to receive MSO questions by email, your best bet is to head to https://stackexchange.com/filters and create a new filter for "All questions" on Meta Stack Overflow (you'll have to click "show meta sites" to see that as an option). We don't have a weekly option for those filter emails, but it gets you to the same place: a feed of meta questions to your email inbox.

  • Thanks! Sorry to see it go, but thank you for pointing me to filters for the work-around.
    – Rup
    Commented Apr 17, 2014 at 17:59

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