In iPhone → Settings → Stack Exchange → Notices → Quantcast Measurement, it says, near the end:

If you would like to learn more or opt out of such data collection, please use the Disable Analytics setting.

(emphasis mine)

Where's the "Disable Analytics" setting? I can't find it.

I tried the "Disable Metrics" setting, but it only disabled calls to Google Analytics and /1/track/ios of mobile.stackexchange.com. The calls to m.quantcount.com are still there, even after I restarted the app.

Version: Stack Exchange iOS App Version 0.1.50


Ah, thanks for catching that. The 'Disable Metrics' setting should kill everything. I'll also update the Quantcast notice to match the label. Should be fixed in the next build (0.1.51+).

Update: while working on this I also noticed that opting out of GA or QC was only going to take effect after the app restarted, so now I've updated it to take effect immediately.

  • Verified fixed in v0.1.54.
    – Pang
    Apr 19 '14 at 1:27

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