I happened to notice that, while browsing SE over HTTPS, a blank ad-shaped spot sometimes appeared in the sidebar. Looking more closely, I found the following piece of HTML in it:

<script src="http://stackexchange.com/ads/launched-question/js?id=SE20-ad-container"

Notice the http: script URL, which naturally gets blocked as insecure when viewing the page over HTTPS.

Sure enough, loading the script with the protocol changed to https: brought up a nice ad for a scifi.SE question in place of the empty box:


I like these pretty ads, and I wish I could see more of them, even over HTTPS. Removing the http: prefix from the script URL to make it protocol-relative ought to fix it.

(Ps. Sorry, I forgot to take screenshot of the empty space. It looked the same as above, except with blank space where the ad is.)

Edit: OK, I spotted it again, and this time I managed to grab a screenshot of the broken ad space in the wild, along with its HTML code as seen in the dev tools:

Screenshot #2

  • Pps. If there's a specific term for these within-network ads, please tell me. – Ilmari Karonen Apr 18 '14 at 4:27

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It's been passed along to employees of greater intelligence and wisdom than myself.

Any relevant updates will come here.

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