What about rewarding users that flagged a question with some reputation if the flag was accepted?

So, for example, user A sees a question that is spam (an advertisement) and a moderator accepts this flag, wouldn't it be nice to give the user that flagged the question some reputation (maybe +2 or so).

On the other hand, if user B flaggs a question and the flag was not helpful, and this happens some more time, the user could lose some reputation (-1).


Awarding reputations for flagging question is not a wise point, otherwise users who workout for reputations may flood/spam it.

Reputation does matter. But still users are awarded with Moderation Badges for their effort in cleaning the StackExchange and making it a better place.

FYI: For reviewing suggested edits, they are awarded with +2 rep for each acceptable review(upto 2k rep).

If they audit fails, they will be banned from reviewing for a week.

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    The reviewer of suggested edits doesn't get +2 rep — the editor gets +2 rep if the edit is accepted. – grg Apr 19 '14 at 19:29

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