When I view What is up with the waffle fetish? in the Android app, it tells me that there is an active bounty with +100. When I click for more information on the active bounty, the app force closes because there is no active bounty on the question. Upon further inspection, Jeff's answer has been awarded the +100 bounty.

I haven't been able to reproduce on other questions outside of Meta. Unsure if that is related though.

using v1.0.31


Thanks for reporting this! This is fixed in the next version of the app, 1.0.32. It turned out this was an issue with the API, the question was returning a bounty_amount and a bounty_closes_date which is what I do my "if these aren't null, show the banner" check against. This will get fixed on the API eventually, but for now the app does a "and the close date is in the future" check too, fixing this issue.

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  • Sounds great! I'm still running 1.0.31, and the message no longer appears. Guessing someone updated the API? – Steven V Apr 22 '14 at 0:17
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    @StevenV Yeah, Kevin beat me to the punch. – Kasra Rahjerdi Apr 22 '14 at 0:18

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