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So, there's a modification to a question and I was curious what the change was:

from last active questions

But when I got to the question, there was no 'last activity' on the right hand side:

right hand side

Though you could see it if you scrolled down to the last edit:

edited by section

I was expecting something like this on the side:

expected side bar

Note the 'active today'

The question in question with the lack of active activity is Nailing it up on your Community Bulletin Board

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    @Stijn I'll agree with the dup, though I'll also note that like the first person asking the question it is a surprising thing to see (or not see) the activity field on question but not another. (and thank you for the stylistic edit for the boxes around the images - I'll remember that one). – user213963 Apr 23 '14 at 21:33