I've seen this behavior on multiple meta sites, for example:

  1. Ask Ubuntu Meta
  2. Magento SE Meta
  3. Meta SO

As soon as you choose to add a new login (To be honest I only tried Google, Facebook and the OpenId box), you get redirected to a 404 page at [meta site url]/users/authenticate. Example.

In my opinion, since when trying to login (i.e. first time login) on a meta site it redirects to the login page of its main, the "Add more logins" page on meta should also redirect to its main "add more logins" page. I think this would just make it more consistent.


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This will be fixed in build 3737 on MSO, and build 2860 on other sites.

The "meta" build is used on both MSO and MSE, but MSE is not a "child meta" and is not affected by this issue.

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