Consider the question Don't close questions where the user has requested that it not be closed:

enter image description here

The large number of down-votes displays as 199 rather than a score of -199.

This is clearly unintentional (and unfortunate for questions that possess such voting!), but can this be corrected?


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It is, in fact, intentional.

There isn't a space next to the 199. Look at the vote breakdown for the highest voted question here - there is no plus on the upvotes:

upvotes have no plus!!!

Anyone who clicks on the score to see the breakdown knows that the top (green) is the upvotes and the bottom one (red) is downvotes (the colors are of course also intentional - green/good red/bad). I say everyone, as this is a privilege - by the time you get it, you know the difference.

The breakdown area also has a tooltip - in your example, is says 42 up / 199 down, so the information is also there.

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    Why print some signs, then?
    – Raphael
    Apr 27, 2014 at 14:25
  • 2
    I'll have to give this a -1, even if the first sentence is, indeed, factually correct. Intentional or not, there's plenty of space for the signs, especially since the column will just resize if the vote count gets too wide. I can sort of understand omitting the needless + signs to avoid unnecessary layout changes, but there's no point in leaving out - signs (since the unexpanded vote count has a - in sign front of it anyway). Apr 28, 2014 at 9:11

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