The Stack Exchange chat FAQ should be updated with some documentation on what keyboard shortcuts are available. e.g.:

  • Typing @<startofname>-<tab> starts an autocomplete of people's names (update actually is in the FAQ)..
  • Up-arrow to edit last chat message (update actually is in the FAQ)
  • escape to clear any notifications, (or cancel editing, etc.) (update actually is in the FAQ).

Is there a list of these features somewhere? Which ones are missing?

(I could not find one....).

EDIT: as has been so politely pointed out in the comments.... some of these are mentioned in the FAQ (OK, all of them...).

Modified request: Can there be a section added to the FAQ which lists these features in an easy to find way (instead of having to read the whole thing to locate a small piece of information....)?

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    "↑ up arrow to edit" is part of the "How do I talk" section – random Apr 27 '14 at 3:46
  • "ESC" to clear the indicator, and auto-complete are both in the "How do I know when someone is talking?" section – random Apr 27 '14 at 3:48
  • Right. Click that [show more] button ;) – Mathieu Guindon Apr 27 '14 at 3:48
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    Here's another one: hit Ctrl+Enter to open search results in a new tab when entering terms into the search field in the top bar. See "A hidden-undocumented SE keyboard shortcut for searching". – Nick Stauner Apr 27 '14 at 3:56

Community Wiki Answer:

Entering text:

  • Ctrl-K --> Format the text 'Fixed Font'
  • Esc --> Cancel editing the text
  • Markdown formatting is slightly different than in regular comments:
    • ---strikethrough text---
  • Automagic links:
    • [tag:tag-speak] renders a tag link (whether that tag exists or not)
    • [help/on-topic] renders as a "Help Center" link to the "how to ask" page
    • [badge:badge-name] renders as [badge:badge-name], but it's so much more better than just badge-name.

Addressing people:

To address someone called john-doe use:

  • @j-Tab --> Start typing the name, and tab to autocomplete (escape to cancel autocomplete)

  • @joh would be enough to ping that user, since only the first 3 letters are required (particularly useful when chatting from a mobile)

To reply to any post (yes, including your own!), prefix your message with the post ID. e.g. to reply to post #12345678 you'd say:

:12345678 *(message text here)*

You can get the post ID by hovering the message in question; that will reveal a drop-down menu on its left edge - hover the dropdown menu and your browser should pick up a url like (for post #12345678): chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/12345678#12345678.

Editing previous messages:

  • -> go back in editable messages

"While You Where Away" Notifications:

  • Esc - clear all notifications
  • adding a new message clears them too.
  • click on the notifications to visit the oldest one (which will clear just that oldest item)


  • Ctrl-Enter when searching to open search results in a new tab

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