I was originally going to post about an unrelated bug

The posting page on MSU telling me I have no title or tags and not letting me do so.


I've tried changing the title, and adding more tags. I'm a little stumped.

I'm currently on firefox 29.0 (with adblock plus and oneliner installed). My ISP runs a IPV6/IPV4 dualstack through IPV6rd if that's relevant.

  • I can reproduce on FF 27.0.1, IPv4-only. Also running ABP, though it's disabled on this site. Note that this occurs even without pressing the submit button - it's enough to enter and leave a field. I've heard that SU was recently moved onto CloudFlare - so possibly relevant is that @JourneymanGeek is in Singapore and I'm in Australia. – Bob Apr 30 '14 at 10:19

Yeah, it's an issue with CloudFlare. Happened on SU proper yesterday as well.

We disabled in on Meta SU now and will continue to investigate.

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