Earlier today on chat, a certain mod kept banning me from Charcoal HQ, seemingly for fun. This is yet another example of a mod misusing their powers, and what can be done about it?

Some quotes from chat:

@TheDoctor try to rejoin Charcoal HQ. :P

@TheDoctor Try now. :P

And an explanation:

I didn't ban you, I just ran a kick-ban script on Charcoal HQ for a minute.

  1. All he did was run a little script for a minute. Don't you think you're overreacting just a bit?
  2. As mentioned earlier, you were annoyingly starring tons of messages.
  3. That chat room wasn't even one with major discussion. It is used as a "testing" room quite often (which you full well know).
  4. There is absolutely no "abuse" happening. He could kick you just for mentioning puzzles (ahem @hichris123) and that would be perfectly fine - it's his room.
  5. Notice the ":P" emoticons in his messages? He clearly was doing this only lightheartedly, and again, this is a huge overreaction.

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