Based on this post "Outdated job postings?" and my own personal experiences using Stack Overflow Careers.

I think it would beneficial, for users and advertisers, to require careers advertisers to specify an end date when creating job listings allowing the advert to expire automatically.

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I agree that would be a great idea but it would take a huge amount of work on our end because of they way the system is currently setup. We currently sell listing in 30 day slots. (We do also offer 6 month and 1 year listings but those are in the minority).

Basically once a listing is started, the majority of the time they automatically expire after 30 days. Changing that to expire on a specific date would take a major re-write of how the products are managed on the back end.

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    I'll add while this is a lot of work, we are considering a system right now that works just like that.
    – Will Cole
    May 15, 2014 at 15:14

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