Search supports filtering by tags intersection e.g., [python] [timezone]. It finds posts that have both tags. See Filtering questions by multiple tags.

Search supports filtering by tags union e.g., [datetime] or [timezone]. It find posts that have either of the tags. See Advanced Search Options Syntax: Multiple Tags, And Vs. Or.

It is possible to do both. For example, to find posts that have [python] tag and have either [datetime] or [timezone] tags: [python] [datetime] [or] [timezone] [python]. Note: It is necessary to repeat [python] and it is necessary to use brackets around OR. See Search for questions tagged [A] and also (tagged [B] or [C]).

Could we write it as [python] ([datetime] or [timezone]) instead?

searching using both “and” and “or” (sum-of-products or product-of-sums) demonstrates that [python] ([datetime] or [timezone]) is:question already works: it shows relevant question despite incorrect "tagged with" on the right.

Query on data stackexchange: Find [A] ([B] or [C]).

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    Just BTW, I once raised this in a comment on some other answer, and a dev said the tag search backend could handle parens, but the frontend had trouble displaying them. Commented May 17, 2014 at 8:00


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