I've stumbled upon this user on Stack Overflow (but I think it could have been on any other site), he lost all his rep in one time, and there's no explanation.

We see this on the graph :

Interesting part

But there's nothing here :

Reputation recap

What happened to him? Is his account frozen without notice?

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    The account isn't suspended. If it was, there'd be a message about it on the profile page. There's something stranger going on here. – yannis May 16 '14 at 13:58
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    Shot in the dark: Spam/Offensive post deletion generates a 100 rep penalty, and this penalty is not visible in the rep summary to anyone but the user themselves. – Billy Mailman May 16 '14 at 14:05
  • @BillyMailman - post deletion only shows up to the person affected and moderators. – ChrisF May 16 '14 at 14:07
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    @ChrisF Well, yeah. But the spam/offensive penalty is separate from the post's deletion; it's a whopping -100 applied separate, and I forget whether it shows up or not. – Billy Mailman May 16 '14 at 14:08
  • @BillyMailman - to be honest I can't remember and I'd have to find someone who had a post flagged as spam on a site where I'm not a moderator to check. – ChrisF May 16 '14 at 14:09
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    And now I've looked it up (here). Original comment edited. At any rate, we'll need a mod in here to actually confirm what happened. – Billy Mailman May 16 '14 at 14:09
  • somewhat related: What happened to this user's rep, badges, and name? – gnat May 16 '14 at 15:17

A moderator-applied spam flag to the post here imposed a 100-point reputation penalty. Posts deleted via spam flags (either six of them from members of the community, or one spam flag from a moderator) are both deleted and then apply a 100-point penalty to the user involved.

I'll leave commenting on why such a flag was applied to this post to the moderator involved, but I will say there was a coordinated campaign of promotion for a commercial component by this user.

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