In comments there's strange behaviour with ending code markup in backslashes. This works just fine here, but not in comments:


Instead it overruns as:


For example:

This should come out as: testing testing\123testing and works just fine here, but in comments it appears as:

Likewise, testing\ works just fine here, but the backslash is ignored in comments and it comes out as just testing.

How do I do this? Or is this a bug?

  • So...you can't write First-highlight`-xyzNext-highlight` in comments? Ooh, I see...how about First-highlight\ -xyz Next-highlight? Are the spaces problematic? May 20, 2014 at 0:45
  • Yes - a markable limitation. May 20, 2014 at 0:48

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Here are the rules for inline code in posts and comments.

POSTS: If you want backticks inside an inline code snippet, surround them with any amount of backticks not used in the code. Examples:

  • ``this is a `backtick` thing`` renders as this is a `backtick` thing
  • ````here are one ` two `` three ``` backticks```` renders as here are one ` two `` three ``` backticks
  • Use spaces if backticks are at beginning or end - `` $` `` renders as $`
  • `testing testing\`123`testing` renders as testing testing\123testing

COMMENTS: Simply use \ to escape backticks. Limitation: you can't escape backslashes, so you can't have a backslash at the end of an inline code snippet. Also, `test`123`test` doesn't work.

  • `this is a \`backtick\` thing` renders as this is a `backtick` thing
  • etc.
  • `testing testing\ `123 `testing` renders as testing testing\ 123 testing

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