Usually, when you review a review audit, the score is shown as 0.

However, in the low quality posts queue, I've been getting audits that show what the score is before I've taken any action on it.

Here's an example:

enter image description here

This is a link to the review. As you can see, it's an audit.

I don't believe that it should be showing me that it's a 12 score post, as this way I can easily tell that it's an audit.

Also, this is still reproducible today: I got this audit a few minutes ago, and it showed me the score before I took any action. I forgot to take a screenshot though.


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IMHO, the score should be random within a reasonable range for the audits.

On the contrary of your question, it could catch people doing that audit for a bad post as they can easily click on "Looks Good" without actually reading how bad it is.

Hidden scores are bad because that is a very good indication for robo-reviewers that it is an audit.

Zero score is better, but it is not complete. Zero score might trigger robo-reviewers to pay a bit more attention because that can be an audit.

If it is random though, then they cannot assume anything based on the scores.

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