Each site has its own symbols for badges. Here on Meta, it's a dot (super imaginative, gang!) while on Travel, it's a map marker. On Academia, it's a mortarboard - the hat you wear when you graduate from some academic institutions. So when you earn Mortarboard, you get an actual mortarboard! (Which you also get when you earn any other badge, but that's not my point.)

Are there any other combinations of badge and site where the site-wide badge symbol is particularly appropriate for a particular badge name?


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The shield badges on Security and any of the Citizen Patrol, Deputy, Marshall, Constable or Sheriff badges:

enter image description here
enter image description here


The diamond on The Workplace fits with all of the moderation badges -- Citizen Patrol/Deputy/Marshall, Custodian/Reviewer/Steward/Proofreader, Critic, Synonymizer/Tag Editor/Research Assistant, and many others.

screen shot of some badges


Enlightened on Ask Patents is pretty neat with its lightbulb.


Some tag badges happen to match the site icon.

Many more may be earned some day:

And of course:

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