This Question over at SO was closed and moved to SU, which is perfectly fine.

But now it still lives on as a zombie in SO and I can't accept anything, vote to delete it, or do anything else.

I wouldn't have brought up this and would have let it live its un-life, if it was for the question alone. But since the accept rate is displayed, this silly question spoils my rate, and that for no good reason.


This is the question "hurting" your acceptance rate. Questions that are closed, CW or not 3 days old are excluded from the calculation for acceptance rate. Additionally as TheTXI suggests, a 100% acceptance rate is not important at all, your acceptance rate as is, suggests you will generally accept an answer.

  • Thanks! I made a mistake calculating the rate, never should tell anyone my scientific background :-(
    – Boldewyn
    Sep 28 '09 at 7:42

You shouldn't be attaching so much importance to your Acceptance Rate to begin with. I would personally look upon someone with a super high acceptance rate as someone who is willing to accept any answer rather than waiting for the right answer or one that actually works.


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