Adds functionality to show recent upvote/downvote activity on posts. Just click the big score on any question or answer, and this script will query the recent reputation graph JSON API to find the reputation gained and lost for this post separately, below the vote score. (Positive in green, negative in red).


  • Since the reputation graph is limited to six weeks, this script only queries for the most recent six weeks of activity on a post. I suppose I could cascade a call to go back all the way, but I think that would be a frowned-upon use of the API.
  • If the post hasn't generated any recent rep (either way) for the OP, (none) is shown instead. This means that, in particular, you can't see vote information for CW posts.
  • Basically, it shares all the limitations of the reputation graph page in the user profile. :)

SOFU Show Upvotes/Downvotes