The current comment vote rate-limiting dialog says: enter image description here

This is confusing, since the rate limitation is not sliding, as the comment text implies. This can be seen by:

  1. Voting on a comment
  2. Waiting 4 seconds
  3. Trying to vote on another comment, and watching the dialog pop up
  4. 1 second later, trying to vote again on the same question

The second vote will go through, even though the dialog seems to say otherwise.

My proposed text for the box (from a comment):

You may only vote on a comment every 5 seconds.


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Well, when your comment vote was rejected, the time was still ticking. Since that vote did not count, you didn't vote, hence you can vote a second later (after a total of at least 5 second since the last allowed comment vote).

This is just as described in the dialog and (in first instance) totally clear to me.

Second thoughts

Well, your comment proposing an adjustment to the text involving voting makes me clear this is indeed a little ambiguous.

The problem lies in the word submit, which gives some room for interpretation. The actual submission is done in the database and the system allowed only one every 5 seconds.

From the point from the user the submission is done on the moment of clicking the button, so there is the ambiguity.

I agree on your proposal and think this small adjusted would make it definitely clearer.

  • Although I thank you for accepting the answer, it might be better if you wait until someone from the development team catches this request and solve it. Commented Jun 5, 2014 at 15:07

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