enter image description here It is Jukka Suomela


enter image description here And it is MichaelT

Despite the fact the rep recalc is automatic now.

  • Did you have a negatively voted post deleted perhaps for the second example? – Flexo Jun 9 '14 at 7:35
  • @Flexo It is not my rep. One second, I'll tell you whose rep is this. – nicael Jun 9 '14 at 7:36
  • @Flexo I edited. – nicael Jun 9 '14 at 7:40
  • Note that the downvotes these accounts placed are not public. The +1 and +2 are compensating for -1 downvotes on answers they placed. – Martijn Pieters Jun 9 '14 at 7:43
  • @MartijnPieters A! Understood. Really, down votes are invisible, I forgot about it. – nicael Jun 9 '14 at 7:44

The information missing are the -1 you get when downvoting an answer. That information is private so you won't ever see these listed.

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