I'm currently reviewing (or I was, considering SO is a fast moving place) a tag wiki excerpt for . In my opinion, this tag should never exist in the first place. Just using the tags and should be enough. The tag has 0 followers and has been used 11 times.

Should I reject the Wiki excerpt? Should I take other steps for the tag to be removed? Or should I just skip and leave it be?


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The key here is that you, as power user, think the tag is useless to begin with.

In such case, removing the tag is in order and my answer to If I produce a Zombie Tag by retagging, should I leave a hint on tag excerpt? applies in your case as well:

this (creating a wiki) will be pointless for the simple reason that each new tag (no matter if it appeared before or not) gets whole new ID number behind the scenes and whole new wiki

So to sum it up: yes, you should reject such edit, better with a custom reason explaining why.

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