When I want to close something as a duplicate, I almost always try to use the search in the "close" dialog box, but end up getting frustrated and resort to using site search in a new tab.

Here is a concrete example. On Webmasters we have a policy that we don't accept questions asking for content management system recommendations. We mark them all duplicate of this question: Which Content Management System (CMS)/Wiki should I use?

When I use site search for "CMS" I get directed to the CMS tag page which has that question right at the top. When I search when closing as a duplicate the search results are much worse:

Even if I make my search much more explicit (pretty much the entire title of the question) I can't get the correct question to come up:

There seem to be several things that could be improved here:

  • When searching for something that matches a tag, showing the tag page results would be better
  • Questions closed as duplicate should be omitted from these search results (I don't want to mark the question as a duplicate of a duplicate)
  • It would be nice to be able to sort by votes the same way that you can with site search
  • The relevance algorithm seem broken. In my second example, why doesn't a question that has all the words in the title come up before the results that have the words in the body? It is significantly worse than site search which does not have this problem.

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