As I just redid my profile, I was thinking how nice it would be to have accordions. I have a lot of information on it, and scrolling can make people stop reading my boring bio. Here's what I would want to do with it (snippets from my real bio here):

I am a self-taught hobbyist and geek at heart who loves learning new skills and inferencing my Arduino to anything I can get my hands on.

I participated in the first Arduino.SE Area51 site launch, which failed. I got to 800 reputation there. I am now on the second Arduino site and am part of the Provisional Team of ♦s.

[My Projects                                                                                            +]

[About My Username                                                                              +]

[Contact information                                                                               +]

No Arduinos hurt in the making of this profile.

Formerly Annonomus Person, but after being annoyed gracefully persuaded by a few users and mods, I decided to embrace my inner penguin and change my name.

As the new profile page is rolling out, I think we should add this to the bio to make the whole page look cleaner and add extra functionality.

If this is implemented, some ways it could be formatted

HTML tag:

<collapse title="My Projects">
    Foo bar.

HTML comments (like the summary tag or code hints):

<!-- title:My Projects content:Foo bar.-->


[Collapse title:My Projects][Foo bar.]

This one you you'd have to have to escape any "]" characters.

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