The new meta.SE favicon (the "hollow bubble") looks awful on a dark background:

Screenshot by 3ventic Zoomed in x4

Note the stray light gray pixels in the corners, caused by broken transparency.

The issue appears to only affect the 16×16 pixel version of the favicon; the 32×32 pixel version embedded in the same file has correct transparency. Also, even the transparency in the 16×16 pixel version is not entirely broken; some pixels in the lower right corner (visible as dark blue in the screenshot above) do have correct partial transparency.

Anyway, since this is a monochrome icon, reconstructing the correct transparency is pretty easy. Here's a fixed version of the 16×16 px favicon (in PNG format, because imgur doesn't support ICO):

Fixed 16×16 px favicon for meta.SE

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Thank you for the fix. I totally forgot about dark themed desktops. I have updated our existing favicon with yours. The change will go out after the next production build.


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