Let's say I have an Stack Exchange API call like this:


I'd like to be able to subscribe to receive an email showing me these results (similar to the filters).

Some considerations:

  • Allow us to specify dates relative to the current date (preferred), or simply return all results from the previously sent newsletter (i.e. fromdate is auto-populated with the date of the previous newsletter)
  • Allow specifying frequency, similar to the filters, although I'd like weekly and perhaps monthly options as well (the current options are 15 minutes, 3 hours and 1 day).
  • Allow specifying columns to display (I'd specifically like to be able to see the question score and perhaps number of answers)

After playing around a bit, I managed to write (Java) code to send a very basic mail like this to myself:

(I can post the code somewhere if someone is interested)

If there's some existing code (Java, C++ or C# preferably) out there that does something like this and gives some prettier results, I'd appreciate being pointed to it.

(But I'd still like the above feature request implemented)

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