Expand/Collapse More/Less Info buttons are a common concept across the web - wouldn't adding this feature make it easier for users to read those long-text examples?

I am aware that there is the spoiler markdown, but that doesn't collapse down the space, so misses the point of making the rest of it easier to read.

When writing a question or an answer there is often the case where I would like to provide extra information to help the OP or answerers if they need it.
A perfect example would be providing the SQL for the database schema to recreate your problem when posting a question on StackOverflow. Most users won't need to see it when reading your question, unless they have access to a database and want to recreate it. But it is useful info if it is required.
But the problem is this SQL may take up a lot of space. Maybe 100 lines of SQL with a 2 line question at the end. I think this "WALL OF TEXT" turns off a lot of readers.

Some example posts I think could do with hiding text unless required:
Returning top results for events in a competition (the example that led me here)
Making OS X Installer Packages like a Pro - Xcode Developer ID ready pkg (here they have used headers to try and break up the wall of text - good idea, but I think expander would also work)


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As pointed out by mtk, indeed the markdown processor is an external dependency. However the only output from the processor is markup - the css/js used to display and post-process the markup is entirely under SE's control. This could include javascript to auto-shrink and expand on click, binding to the selector .spoiler.

If you hadn't worked it out, I would also like to see this implemented. :D


The markdown used by SO is not a homegrown formatter. As given on edit-help page, they have reused it from here


So, probably this request should be raised to the actual project-team or maybe someone from SO-team can raise it.

Hope this helps

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