add codepen.io portfolio to the Careers profile page. I have tons of code examples and things i've created that would GREATLY influence potential clients' decision if to hire me or not.


You can already do this. You can add an open source project from anywhere - we don't need to add support for every single website.

Just click "other" when adding a project to your profile:

Add an open source project from another location

Then enter your CodePen URL and we'll populate the form with details:

Adding a project from CodePen

  • I was thinking more like Carrers would scrap my top pens and automatically insert them in a easy-to-view manner. I put my own profile page there, not every pen I have, since i have way too many. i'm talking more of proper integration aspect, since codepen is such an important, game-changing website, just like stackoverflow is. – vsync Jul 2 '14 at 12:27

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