If an old question has no answers and no comments, does it matter if it was upvoted and viewed?

I mean useful to anybody. Several times on looking up a problem, I have found it as a question without an answer. It didn't help me.


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As mentioned by Nicael, checks are already made to automatically delete questions that have a certain criteria of poor age, view count, and votes. Questions that are old, unviewed, and/or poorly received in the right combination are considered non-useful and removed. The exact calculation can be found here.

If you come across a question that is any of those things but still exists, it simply is mathematically determined to not be useless enough to warrant deletion by this formula.


Sure. If I run into the same problem and find the unanswered question, I don't get my answer but I do get to not spend the time assembling the question (which, depending on the problem, can be substantial). Instead, I can:

  • Improve the existing question (thus bringing it to people's attention again).
  • Add a bounty to the existing question (ditto).
  • Look to see if the asker asked on some other SE site after not getting an answer (longshot, but it happens).
  • Decide that my problem is different enough that I should ask my own question, in which case I can reference the prior question and explain how mine is different.

If a question is old and hasn't gotten much attention (votes, views) it'll be auto-deleted eventually, so what I've said here applies to questions that survived the Roomba.

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