This got me curious:

Like you start with 500 stars. The first one leaves you with 499, the second with 497, the third with 494...

Is this already in place? Does it mean I can use only 500 stars then can't star anymore?

If the above isn't true, what are the limits?

Thank, and happying starring!


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Per the FAQ, you're limited to 20 stars per room, per day and there's no cumulative limit.

As a history lesson, there used to not be any upper limit on the number of stars you could cast. However, after a select group of Tavernfolk proved that they couldn't control themselves, Michael Mrozek did us all a favour and requested that a limit be established.

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    Thanks, with Shog one can never be sure enough. :) Commented Jul 10, 2014 at 20:34

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