I am an active participant on Gardening and landscaping, which allows plant/fungus identification under the tag [identification], and there are currently 455 questions with this tag.

I've also been on Biology, where the tags [botany] and [species identification] are used for the exact same purpose. On Biology, there are currently 23 questions on this topic.

I know it isn't too big a deal, but wouldn't it be better to have only one site cover that?


Most of the times you are right. Cross-posting is not desired, since that brings separate answers to the same question, where the goal of SE is to have a single question/answer set.

But cross-posting isn't the case here. In the case of the same, or related question, usually from different users, there isn't always a problem as long as it is on-topic for the site being asked. Think of cases where answers between sites can have a different point of view. Questions might fit well on multiple sites.

If you intend to ask a question yourself, pick the site you think the question fits best. If it yields no result, you could delete and re-ask on the other site or if possible, flag the question and ask a mod to move your question.


Subject overlap isn't a problem.

But I'd see this as not even overlapping in all cases. The experts on biology will be able to identify things that GL experts might have a harder time with, and vice versa. They are two separate, though related, fields* and the reason for identification can be a very good reason to ask one group or the other.

*Pun intended

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