Reading the help center article on syntax highlighting, one of the paragraphs within it reads:

You can use either one of the supported prettify language codes, like lang-cpp or lang-sql, or you can specify a tag, and the syntax highlighting language associated with this tag will be used:

Note the link in there, which goes to this answer.

Problem is, a long time ago we removed the list of options from several questions/answers across meta Stack Exchange because it was a pain trying to keep all of them updated. It makes a lot more sense to just have one list that we keep updated, and the most logical place for that list was in the FAQ on syntax highlighting, which is where it now resides.

Can the link in the help center be updated to point directly to the list, rather than to a post that explains that the list has been moved?


All of the sites that have overrides for the formatting article with syntax highlighting stuff mentioned have been updated to link directly to the relevant FAQ.


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