You have spent some time creating a web application and now you think others might find it useful. Is there a site under Stack Exchange where you can introduce your web application? If not, may I suggest creating one?

Note: I already know of Web Applications, but it seems to be for questions and answers only.


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No, there is no such site on the SE network.

The closest thing is Code Review, but that is specifically for asking a review of your code, not for showcasing complete applications.

You could propose a site to review your web-application on Area 51 . To be honest, I don't think that proposal would fly. It would require people to look at your entire application, whereas on Stack Exchange, posts should stand on themselves - they should not require us to go other sites.

If you are interested in constructive criticism on the technical aspects of your application (which, I admit, is different from a showcase), then you can post on Code Review and perhaps on User Experience. As always, read the Help Center of these sites before posting there.

One thing you can do, to show your work to other users on the network, is to mention it on your profile page.

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