Initially, I am with the intention to Collect the notable misconceptions/errors/misperceptions One have faced during Programming (Mainly with Objective C Language).

--Because:-- My First misconception: 'In objective c, by using == operator we are n't comparing string values but pointers (which will always remain different despite their content). The recommended way is using isEqualToString: or compare: (and its variants)'.

Notes like these, Had remained helpful & saved few minutes of learning duration for my comrades in most cases.Hence by increasing this misconceptions list,we can reduce the distractions that could be faced by one more pace of fine-tuning.

Unknowingly,I've asked my intention Here And suffered with Deletion,Discrimination & Uncommented Downvoting.

Then,The same continued Here too.

Now,Considering this as last Hope. I am in the need to re-frame,re-publish the question accordingly.Hence, awaiting for guide.

At the least minimum one misconception from this much responsive community.


Your question is just asking people to list out random things based purely on opinion. The fact that it's language agnostic only makes it broader than the surface of the Sun. I don't see how you could make that question acceptable by any site's standards. It was rightly closed and downvoted because it doesn't belong here. If you think people are discriminating against you, well, that's your problem.

To be clear: that question does not belong on this network.


On the meta.programmers.SE site, I've spent some time writing guidance about each of the close reasons: Why was my question closed or down voted? Your question was closed as Too Broad which says this:


Some questions are just polls for a design, or pattern, or name of a thing. If the accepted answer is based on "which answer I like best," rather than "which answer solves my problem," the question is probably a poll.

While some other Stack Exchanges allow it, Programmers.SE frowns upon 'big list' type questions that seem to want to compile a list of things. Questions that fall into this category typically have the form of:

  • What are all the problems I will encounter with XYZ?
  • What are the pros and cons of XYZ?
  • How can XYZ be used?
  • Any ideas?

Questions like these don't pose a problem that can be solved by an answer. There is no definitive right answer that someone can go to, see the accepted answer and say "yep, thats the answer."

And then some selections from the Related reading section:

Related reading

The core part of the question you asked is in the question title: "What is your notable misconception/error/misperception you ever faced during programming?" - this question is exactly a form of polling for anecdotes from people.

This type of question is one that tends to be more applicable for quora where they are advertising content like "Internships: What is the most catastrophic mistake made by an intern at a tech company?"

Most sites that have some form of longevity have a particular format that they cater to. A question of trying to understand some concept would likely flop completely on other sites. Quora fills a particular type of question niche (and Slant.co fills another one, and Reddit another... and so forth).

The question you asked is one that really doesn't fit on Stack Exchange. Stack exchange is branded for Q&A - here's a question and here's the answer to it. There is one right answer (that question that I linked earlier on Quora has over 120 'answers' to it).

Not all good questions are good questions on all types of sites. You should make sure you take time to read the documentation for the site before diving in and posting. On Programmers.SE there is quite a bit in What topics can I ask about here? and What types of questions should I avoid asking? from the Help Center that is Programmers.SE specific.

  • As you stated," You should make sure you take time to read the documentation for the site before diving in and posting".Even if this site has perfect documentation,On the other hand it contains posted with too many basic question(s) with maximum up/down votes.Why? Hence,I just tried to reduce this time by reducing the deviations/misconceptions for the newbie(s).Perfection will ever be fine-tuned proportionally with evolution. But Glad,According to you all its wrong to help others. So, finally should I reomove this question too? – itechnician Aug 1 '14 at 10:40

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