During my time on SE, I've asked more than one question that hit the Hot Network Questions list (3 that I know of, each from a different SE site; same linked account). Other than analyzing the number of views over time and my own memory, is there a query I can call to get a list of these questions?


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Although this wouldn't take into account the previous questions, you could create a script that records all the hot questions.

AFAIK, the homepage of SE opens a web socket to auto update the page. This project might give you insight on how how to do this...

Anyway, if SE were to dig up previous values and add it somewhere, this seems to be a good idea:

(Notice the "top" boxes by the first two questions...)

There also might be a good spot for this on the new SO profile...


Despite my optimism in the comments you can't do this, except by constantly polling it as suggested Annonomus Penguin.

Kasra has commented to this effect, far more recently than Waffles:

We currently do not record anything about when a question enters/leaves the hot question list. The list is calculated on the fly each time (and heavily cached)

There's a feature request to track when a question arrives and leaves the hot questions list and another to get a weekly digest, which might contain additional interesting information for you. But, there's nothing currently like what you're asking for.


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