Over the years, users of non-MathJax-enabled sites complained about unparsed TeX markup in the titles of Hot Network Questions coming from Mathematics and other MathJax-enabled sites. For example:

  1. Markup in the allboard "hot questions" list
  2. Unreadable LaTeX in hot questions
  3. Suppress Hot Questions containing MathJax markup on non-MathJax sites homepage

I haven't found any announcement of this change, but it appears that questions whose titles contain TeX markup are being excluded from Hot Network Questions. Evidence:

  • I don't see markup in any questions present on the list
  • When I saw a question with the title "Real Analysis- Calculus" on the Hot Network Questions list and renamed it to something sensible, it disappeared when I refreshed the list.

I hope someone from SE can confirm or refute the above. If this is true, then the feature requests numbered 2 and 3 above have been fulfilled.

Tangential: I know all about MathJax being heavy, but if it was enabled on stackexchange.com site (which I assume does not get the traffic of SO), the questions could still be shown there... (I won't make this a feature request until the status of the above is clarified).


Sklivvz confirmed that such questions are excluded:

the problem is simply that we don't want to turn on MathJax everywhere, most notably on StackOverflow, so those titles don't render correctly

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