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Can you add a math related site to the “Trilogy”?

I can think of a couple:

  1. "Math Overflow" - math is generally not subjective and questions can be answered in a straightforward manner, but the questions do not necessarily belong on Stack Overflow because often they aren't programming-related.

  2. A goof-off site. One where the users are not directed to follow any specific category or subject, and can post whatever they want. This will undoubtedly result in a lot of humor and nonsense, but would certainly make for good entertainment.


Math-overflow would quickly be filled with assignment questions.

Also, please don't encourage the start of more goof-off sites on the internet, there's enough of them already.


I think what we're really missing is a feel good site where anyone can post anything and everyone votes everything up. I nominate www.specialsnowflakes.com.

  • How about www.warmcudlyupvotes.com? :)
    – alex
    Sep 28 '09 at 20:04

I can see some mileage in a business, career development, and/or project management overflow (Meetings Overflow, perhaps?) - questions related to those subjects crop up relatively frequently and draw some flak, right or wrong.

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