Sometimes a question becomes subject to a community war if it should be closed or left open, and goes back and forth between the two sides until a mod can come along to lock it pending meta discussion or what have you, as discussed here.

Until that happens, however, the question gets unusual attention, as it gets bumped to the top of the list each time it is reopened.

I think this is a problem for any situation, but particularly if the question is being disputed because one side feels it is inappropriate, the attention it gets as a result of the war is counter-intuitive to the subject of its closing.

Is it possible that after a question has been reopened multiple times, say twice, within a certain time frame, say an hour (or whatever is appropriate per site), that it no longer be bumped to the top when it is reopened?

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    Perhaps auto-locking and auto-flagging it is more appropriate. Devs: Can we get some data about how often questions would fit this criteria on the major sites?
    – Double AA
    Aug 17 '14 at 5:51

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