At present, accept-votes are transferred to Community when the question owner gets deleted. But this was not the case in the past, which is why Stack Overflow has over 15000 accepted answers without accept-vote. Answers also enter this category when votes are invalidated because of serial voting.

When hovering over the checkmark on such answers, one sees the tooltip: "loading when this answer was accepted...", for example here (screenshot below). This is misleading: no matter how long one waits, or how many times one moves the pointer to and from the checkmark, this information will not be loaded.

I suggest displaying "The question owner accepted this as the best answer", without a date. (In fact, this could replace the "loading" tooltip on all occasions when the accept time fails to load.)

Another solution would be to restore those accept-votes if the required information is still present somewhere.

Not a duplicate of

as those questions concern different scenarios when the "loading" tooltip is shown.



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