Since the artificial intelligence SE website was already proposed (AI.SE) but has been closed because it didn't have enough activity, where should AI related questions be asked?

An example of a question is: "What reinforcement learning algorithms are best suited when world state is not know, but has to be estimated using particle filters?".

Should I use stack-overflow?

  • Oh, I thought you said "AL-related questions". I don't think I need an entire Stack Exchange site.
    – ale
    Aug 24 '14 at 18:34

The Computer Science (Beta) SE and Cross Validated SE have room for artificial intelligence questions. If you are uncertain about them, ask on their Meta.

On Cross Validated SE (which I participate), artificial intelligence questions are more related to the subfield of 'machine learning', despite there are also place for other subfields (discussed on this post).

It helps if the AI question fits the Stack Exchange Q/A format, it is not too broad and it is not primarily opinion-based.


There is new restart of Artificial Intelligence SE which started private beta last week.


Currently it has variety of questions and it aims to bring people from this one particular field, which exists in between all above in one place.


There is also https://datascience.stackexchange.com/, for more applied AI questions.

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