A Stack Exchange site I use has identified a tag that should be blacklisted, discussed it on Meta and come to an agreement that it should go (our request is here).

We and the site moderators understand that only SE devs can blacklist a tag. What we're not clear on, though, is how they expect us to get their attention on the matter.

What's the expected procedure for requesting that a tag be blacklisted? (Is there one at all?) Can we request it on our own site's meta? Is there a tag we need to use? Do we use the staff contact form?


The procedure is as follows:

  1. First, burninate the tag, if there are currently questions tagged with it. If there aren't currently questions tagged with it, you probably don't need to blacklist it - but see Step #2.

  2. Once the tag is gone - no longer used on any questions - decide if it needs to be blocked from ever being used again. Some tags, once removed, never come back: typos and ambiguous tags that are replaced with similar but more specific tags rarely need to be explicitly blacklisted. Others, are more alluring: tags that can be found in the name or primary topic for the site often have this problem. If you find yourself repeatedly removing the same bad tags, proceed to step #3.

  3. Discuss it on Meta first. Make sure there's clear agreement among the folks in your community as to why the tag should be disallowed. The better you're able to explain it, the easier every step that follows will become. The tags you should use for this discussion should include and . If you already posted a meta discussion during Step #1's "burninate" process, you'll have this rationale readily available.

  4. Once any and all issues raised in #3 have been resolved, flag the post for moderator attention and link to this answer. The moderator team will review the matter and, if all requirements have been met, get in touch with one of us here at Stack Exchange to actually implement the blacklist. You can do this yourself via the "contact us" form at the bottom of every page, however you should make double-certain that all steps outlined here have been completed before you do - in particular, if we lack assurance that a given tag is actually likely to return, or if no clear guidance as to why it is inappropriate is available, we're unlike to honor your request - remember, there's a good chance we know nothing about the topic of your site.

  5. Enjoy a cool, refreshing beverage of your choice.

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  • Regarding step #4: How should the moderators of the site do so? (In our case, the moderator already aware of and responding to our blacklist request is unsure of how to go about this.) – doppelgreener Sep 11 '14 at 0:15
  • That's why I suggested linking to this answer. The moderators can contact us via the "contact us" form as well, or via chat if they prefer, or via email, or via runic tablets sent by registered mail (my personal favorite). – Shog9 Sep 11 '14 at 0:24
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    #1 has a caveat. There are some very bad tags that need to be disambiguated/burninated, but with their numbers, is like fighting against the tide, so it needs to be blacklisted first then calmly guide the tag to meet their destiny. – Braiam Sep 11 '14 at 0:28

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