I am the creator of StackStalker, a Chrome extension created to simply monitor questions a user chooses and be notified when they've been updated. I've been working on updating it to use the new API 2.2. In order to cut down my test loop during development, I've shortened my polling time. Unfortunately, while testing, I made too many calls and have been "throttled" for what seems like a full day (~65k seconds).

After some research I discovered that you can authenticate your app to increase your quota, but was saddened when I read that it required the user to log in. I would prefer not to force my users to log in if they don't want to, as you shouldn't have to be a Stack Exchange user to benefit from the site.

Is there a way to authenticate my app without necessarily authenticating my user? I'm definitely registered at StackApps and have been for quite some time.

EDIT - Note, I didn't make that many calls, either, but there was one instance where an errant function probably made more than 30 calls a second for a few seconds. My daily API call quota looks to be in the 900s still.

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