I asked a question (Applying space formatting in Visual Studio) and got several answers pretty quickly. I tried them and they didn't work. So I left some comments on the answers looking for clarification, and apparently the posters edited their answers – but I wasn't notified. I forgot I hadn't found the answer to my question and just came back to it today wondering why there wasn't any activity, only to find out that I'd been ignoring it.

Note: I didn't find a question on Meta that addresses my issue, I'm sure it exists, though. So, if it does, kindly let me know.

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    It's not a dupe, that's about notifying a user about his own answers being edited. I'm asking about being notified when someone else's answer to my question has been edited. – thepocketwade Sep 30 '09 at 0:43
  • to clarify, it's not a dupe of that question, it may well be a dupe of another question. – thepocketwade Sep 30 '09 at 0:46
  • Very close to this: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2303/… – random Sep 30 '09 at 0:53