I got the revival badge for this answer for being the first answer, more than 30 days after the question was asked, to get an answer score of two. While it's true that I was the first to answer after 30 days of inactivity, and that answer did get a score of two, someone else answered shortly after me and scored more than 2 before I got a score of two. However, when I eventually got my second vote, I got the badge.

Is that by design? Should I have "dibs" on the revival badge even if I did not get the first answer that earned a score of 2?

I tagged as discussion because I don't see this as a mistake, just clarifying if this was intended.

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This is by design; the moment your answer reached a score of two and it was posted at least 30 days after the question was asked and no earlier answer has a score of 2 or up your answer qualified for the badge.

In other words, it doesn't matter if any answers that were posted later got to a score of 2 first, all that matters is that no earlier answers did.

For that matter, the other answer qualified too; it too got to a score of 2 before any earlier answers did.


Both conditions have to be met (time of posting and score), so any answer after yours would not qualify for this badge.

As reference for a more detailed discussion on badge requirements, see the FAQ List of all badges with full descriptions, specifically Answer badges.

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