I have been active on Area51 for a while now, and I don't think this has ever been a real concern before.

Some background.

In July of this year I noticed that unless blatantly obvious, multiple accounts on Area 51 go unnoticed. There are some known issues with voting that are essentially waiting for Area52 to solve.

Now along comes the Pastafarianism proposal, it is getting lots of attention and votes, in fact when I counted (I have enough rep to see up & down votes) earlier this month it had over 800 votes. The votes have been distributed with a intent towards the impacting the requirement of "40 questions with a score of 10 or more". While it is unclear if one person can derail a site proposal on Area51, I am not sure how many actual unique users (people) are participating in the site proposal.

In a perfect Area 51 proposal it takes 400 votes & 60 followers to move from definition to commitment phase. As there is a limit of 5 up votes per account the site potentially has over 100 active supports (there is around 500+ upvotes) which is a great place to be moving into the commitment phase.

I have considered asking for special consideration to move the Pastafarianism proposal to the next phase. The proposal is 5 months old, and appears to have the basic support and detail required at this point. But I am not sure how much of the activity represents real & unique people, which is what is needed when the site enters beta (after commitment phase).

I am looking for a tool/method to determine what the actual unique live body count is of people who are participating in one specific Area51 proposal. I don't care if they are voting up or down, or how many accounts they have. I just want to know bodies (IP's maybe?) that posted a question, cast a vote, or followed the proposal.

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