In the last hour or two I've gotten green notifications for rep changes, but they look like badge notifications because there's no number:

screen shot with obligatory freehand circles

I sometimes see this graphic appear for something less than a second and then be replaced (or overlaid?) by the number, but this stayed the same over time (a few minutes in the header, and I left the drop-down in the screen shot in place for several seconds). This has happened a few times.

(OS 10.6, Firefox 31.0 and Chrome 36.0.1985.125, no known recent changes in add-ons.)

Edit: I just got a number-bearing notification on my Android phone (Chrome), but this bug is still showing in Firefox on my Mac.


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I'm deploying the fix. Should be live in the next 20 minutes or so now.

  • 1
    What happened to make this not appear? Something to do with redis?
    – hichris123
    Sep 20, 2014 at 18:28
  • @hichris123 Nah, just an errant CSS change. Reverted the commit and presto.
    – Adam Lear StaffMod
    Sep 20, 2014 at 18:28
  • 4
    needs someone to upvote some post to test out
    – Braiam
    Sep 20, 2014 at 18:37

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